Saturday, May 27, 2006

Life in the Castle

I've heard it said that my home is my castle, but ours has taken on a whole new meaning this week. As is often the case, my creative juices reach the point of bubbling over, and something has to be done with them. On Tuesday, our homeschool co-op met at our home for a Medieval feast to wrap up the year. Not content with just hosting the event and cooking the twenty Cornish game hens, I felt led to paint the dining room the night before to look like an authentic castle. I have to admit it looks better than it did before, but it is still a far cry from what I hope one day will be our formal dining room. Kelly and I had a blast, and it was all worth it when we saw the looks on the children's and parent's faces as we opened the door to the banquet hall. The only question on everybody's mind is what will we do to top this!

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trudy said...

Hi Denise ... I continue to be amazed by you ... your blog is beautiful. The castle wall is wonderful and Tessa looks like an angel ... Trudy