Monday, December 04, 2006

How Life Has Changed!

Life sure has a way of surprising you. Who would have thought last Christmas that this year I'd be working fulltime and not homeschooling? There are a lot of things to get used to when things change so dramatically. For instance, this is the first year it literally took me days to decorate the tree. What's with that???? I used to be the efficiency queen. On the first day of decorating, I managed to get the tree up from the basement and fluff the branches. I was okay with that. On the second day of decorating--or was it the third day???--I actually got the lights put on. Seemed like a major accomplishment to me. Then the ornaments took a couple of days--with Tessa's help. (Thank goodness I put two trees away completely decorated or they'd never have been put up this year.) Now if I could only remember to plug the tree in so the people driving by could appreciate all my efforts!

I did manage to do one creative thing in the decorating department this year. I actually cut branches from our magnolia tree, our pine tree, and the neighbor's holly bush to make window and mantle decorations. I was quite impressed with how they looked----until 50 mph winds blew them all away two days later. Fortunately, Tessa was able to locate them, and Ryan was kind enough to drag the ladder out to hang them again. I am pretty impressed that the zip ties held them together.

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