Tuesday, June 06, 2006


We are loving this year's theme at VBS! Kelly and I are teaching the 40+ first graders, and everything is going very smoothly. Of course, it's only Tuesday. We have two other moms helping, so each of us only has to teach once--well, somebody has to teach twice! I thought you might want to peek at our room. We have the wow factor going on this year. It's hard to tell, but the black walls have the northern lights painted on them--very cool!

Do You Wanna Dance?

Tessa has become quite the dancer this year while attending Lakeway School of Ballet and Dance just a few blocks from our house. She worked hard, attending classes four days a week, and was able to attend a competition in Nashville in May. She danced a beautiful ballet called Spanish Rose and earned a first place gold. The photo at the right is of Tessa watching a clip of her ballet on the big screen before receiving her trophy. The next photo is of Tessa trying to remember the name of her dance school. Unfortunately, it never did come to her, so she said whatever popped into her head. It ended up being the name of their competition! After we all recovered from the shock of it, we could laugh about it. In her defense, Tessa was one of the youngest dancers and the first of our group to perform just hours after our arrival in Nashville. There was no time to prepare the girls for anything--including the big stage and bright lights! This was the studio's first competition, so everyone learned a lot! Needless to say, nobody else made the same mistake; they were well prepared to not only name the studio, but each teacher's first and last names as well! I don't know why I didn't get any photos with her complete outfit on, but her professional ones will be in soon. Her recital was this past weekend, and she performed tap, jazz, and ballet numbers with her class and her Spanish Rose solo. We couldn't have been more proud. She and the other company dancers have been invited to perform at a community event in a couple of weeks. She is having a blast! The last photo is of Tessa, her friend Megan, and her ballet instructor at LAKEWAY SCHOOL OF BALLET AND DANCE--not the other school that she mentioned!