Friday, November 03, 2006

Life at Cornerstone Academy

My office is actually the foyer area. I am the first line of defense against unwanted intruders. That's a joke! Actually, we will be having a buzzer system installed in a few weeks for added security. It's a shame we have to think about things like that at a tiny Christian school.

Tessa loves her third grade friends. Since this picture was taken, two fourth grade girls have enrolled. Now Tessa is in a class of three for math and science.

I took Tessa's class out for recess one day and enjoyed watching them play freeze tag.

Chapel is held every other Wednesday and is one of our favorite parts of school! The children are given a chance to share what they are memorizing. Classical education emphasizes a great deal of memory work during the grammar stage, K-6. I am totally amazed at how effortless memorization has been for all the Cornerstone children.

The kids really enjoy the crazy games that Dan plays with them during chapel. Here they are doing reverse push-ups! The worship time is also a lot of fun.