Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Birthdays, Birthdays Everywhere!

Three of the four females in our house have birthdays in April. I, of course, turned 50. Kelly turned 30, and Kenzie hit the big 3! Some of you may not remember that Kenzie was born on her favorite grandmother's birthday! hehehehehhe! This year was tough because I was on crutches after having foot surgery. At least by the time my birthday came around, I was nine days into my convalescence. That meant fewer pain pills and being able to leave the house for an hour. Yeehaw! Kelly took me to the school to have lunch with Tessa and Ross, and it did turn out to be a nice day. All the students had made me cards, and a mom brought a delicious cake. Some folks even brought me dinner that evening.

My boss, Dan, with my birthday poster.

Opening my cards.

Kenzie waiting for her birthday fun!

Fun at Build a Bear!

I made a card for Kelly with this photo of when she was just two months old. It said, "Aren't 30th birthdays just ducky?" Wow! That was a long time ago!

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