Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Funny Bumper Sticker

This was one of the first photos we took on our Ramblin' Road Trip 2007. We were stuck in traffic, and it gave us something to laugh about. Yes, I know that I have a sick sense of humor.

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Someone did this to Ryan's truck at college. I'm not quite sure if it's a reflection of her creativity (maybe a good thing) or intelligence (maybe not such a good thing). I think I was a little disappointed that I didn't think of the idea first--being the sticky-note queen and all.

Game Day Central - VBS 2007

VBS was a blast again this year. I was not crazy abou the theme at first, but it turned out pretty cool! The kids loved the music and and the other materials were awesome, too!

We loved walking to church each day in our matching t-shirts. Brooke was visiting us from Maine this year, so that was extra special.

They can look normal--well, almost normal!

Each year there is a missions project at VBS. This year balls were collected for the Baptist Children's Home. Of course, the girls competed against the boys. Guess who won!

Pastor Tim always comes up with something creative to get his point across!

I decorated the 4th grade room with a track theme. The kids loved jumping the hurdles each day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Not Bobby!

This may not seem funny to anyone but us, but I'll share it anyway. A few months ago, somebody started calling Kenzie "Bobby" as a joke. She would get so mad and say, "I NOT BOBBY!" It was so funny, that we would say, "Hi Bobby!" just to get a rise out of her. We even videoed her reaction. Trust me, it really was quite funny. After a while, she didn't get annoyed anymore, she'd just laugh. Well, at a bookstore in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, we found this book. She was upset about something else, but we made her pose with the book. Obviously, she did not see the humor in it.

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Summer Read-Aloud

At the beginning of the summer break, I decided to read aloud a special book to Tessa, Ross, and Nate. One of the advantages of all living under the same roof is that I can read bedtime stories! I wanted to enjoy a book with the kids that they would remember in years to come. Well, this book did it. The kids begged and begged each night for just one more chapter. I have to admit that it was hard to put down. We finished it near the end of our road trip to Maine and back, and we all were all so sorry to say goodbye to Despereaux, the tiny mouse that saves the princess. Kate DiCamillo is one of the best children's authors that I have read in a long time and have ordered another book by her, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I can hardly wait!

Recital 2007

Tessa at the end of her ballet number.

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