Saturday, July 28, 2007


Chincoteague Island is really a unique place. It's unlike any other touristy coastal place that I have been. It kind of seems like time has stood still a bit there. I had the most interesting chat with the owner of a neat store called The Purple Pony and bought the most comfy sweatshirt there. I absolutely love it and will probably wear it every day this fall--except when I'm at work. I will link the site for you horse lovers out there. I'm not really impressed with the website, but believe me, the shirts are fabulous! Actually, the website is atrocious. It doesn't even list the price for the sweatshirts! YIKES!! I'll have to call them, since I really would love another one.

This is one of the painted buildings on the island.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Back to Vacation!

As I posted these next photos, I thought, I wish I was more like my friend, Renee. For those of you who don't know her, she has the best blog on the web--strictly my very opinionated opinion. But I do know what I'm talking about. Just click on her link to the right and see for yourself--that is if you have about three weeks to spend reading. She even has had her blog bound into a lovely hard-back book--you can read about that process there, too.

Anyway, Renee has the presence of mind to carry her camera, in its full upright position, with her finger on the trigger, at all times. I don't think she's missed a worthy shot--she's probably even taken many unworthy shots, too--since she started this blogging stuff. Good grief, she even has taken a picture of cauliflower soup. Don't laugh. It inspired me to cook the stuff, and I hate to cook. You probably thought I was going to say that I hate cauliflower. I do doubt that I would have been inspired if I actually hated cauliflower.

I should get to the point. We made a quick stop in New York City so that Brooke could see American Girl Place. This was kind of a big deal. I mean there really is no way make a quick stop in New York City to see anything. Have you ever driven in New York City??? I should really be commended for my willingness to drive in such insanity just so a ten-year-old could see a doll get its hair done--not to mention the $59 it cost me to park for two hours. I am, after all, a grandmother who should know better. My only real regret--here it comes--is that we don't have any great photos to show for this adventure. Two came out totally blurry because the camera was on the wrong setting, and the rest are below. Please tell me that this writing has more than made up for the lack of wonderful pictures.

Yes, I know this is the back of the statue.

Before the real fun began!

Outside American Girl Place

Kenzie hiding behind her Build-a-Bear bag

The visit is just one big blur now!

Tessa's Trip to the Aquarium

Tessa joined Kelly and group of homeschoolers on a field trip to the aquarium today. I had to work so didn't get to go. It sure is nice having digital photos to show immediately.

I think we take a shot like this every time we visit!

Tessa actually shot this herself. I was impressed.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More from Cape Cod


Saying Goodbye

Wild Imagination left today for his new home in Florida. It was very sad to see him go, but I am thankful that he is still kind of in the family. He joins our pony, Cracker Jack, at Travis' sister's home. He will now be loved on by six little girls. It is also possible that both horses will be back in Tennessee one day, since they plan to head this way if their house sells.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vacation Photos - Cape Cod

Kristi's House in Maine

This is the house that Kristi and John bought in the construction stage and finished. They added the third floor which houses the master bedroom, bath, and guest room. Brooke, Bailey, and Preston each have a room on the second floor. They've done a really nice job.Preston and Kelly in the kitchen

Brooke's room

great room above the garage

Memories, Oh the Memories

Casey, Tessa, Chloe
Dress Up 2005

Dress Up 2004

Friday, July 20, 2007

Just sit right down and you'll hear a tale . . .

After renting a pontoon boat to take his mother out on the lake in May, Michael realized how much he enjoyed being on the water. He decided to buy a small houseboat in June, and we quickly learned what being a boat owner means.

I'll spare you all the details of everything that can and will probably go wrong when you buy an older boat. Suffice it to say that I quickly realized that being a boat owner was not all I imagined. It appears though that it is everything Michael and Kelly imagined. You know, rose-colored glasses. *grin* Nothing has discouraged them--engine blowing, toilet backing up, hauling trash, washing windows, etc. They think everything has been just ducky.

I literally held my breath on our maiden voyage with the family--that would be the one after the tow in--praying for a safe and uneventful ride around the lake. It seems that things are looking up, but my lenses aren't quite rose-colored yet!

The kids have tons of fun at the dock!

We cross this bridge right before the entrance to the marina. The kids like to swim out to it while I stand at the end, ready to save someone with a noodle. *weak grin*

Brooke, Tessa, and Ross at the base of the bridge
Our captain, Ryan, is actually quite good at maneuvering the boat around the lake. He has now flawlessly parked it two times that I have witnessed. We don't want to mention the attempts his dad has made. *grin* Let's just say that everyone at the marina runs to greet hubby with their long poles in tow when he tries to bring the boat in!

Ryan doesn't look like he's willing to totally trust his dad behind the wheel!

Kelly and Travis enjoying lunch on the lake.

My brother and Kenzie enjoy some rest after an afternoon in the sun!
My sister-in-law, Mary
Everybody's Goin' Surfin'


It's not often that all rooms are in order on the same day; but when company is expected, it's amazing what can be accomplished. Here's the renovating updates. Just keep in mind that we're three years into the ten-year plan for completion!

I worked on the back splash last week, and we still have the fireplace tile, window, and trim painting to finish.

This is looking into the living area from the kitchen. We still have the big doors to paint and the corner thingy to figure out what to do with. Electrical needs to be moved to over the dining table for a light instead of the fan in the middle of no where special! Also, the staircase needs another coat of paint and to be carpeted. The French door on the left is the entrance to Kelly's part of the house from ours. It leads into the schoolroom. The big, double doors can be opened into what will one day be her living room.

This is looking from the staircase into the kitchen.

Above is the area at the top of the stairs. It is now the TV area and library. The ceilings still need to be replaced, windows painted, and trim finished. Below is the master. Someday the ceilings will have to be replaced in there, too, but not high on the priority list. The curtained-off area provides some much needed extra closet space. Closets are being added in the spare room, so this curtained wall may one day come down.

Tessa's room, of course! Someday her ceiling will need to be replaced, also.

Main bath upstairs. I still have the window to paint. Can you tell that I really don't enjoy painting trim????

Below is the very beginnings of our guest room and office area. Walls need to be finished as well as trim. At least the ceiling has been replaced! Also, the laundry room is outside of this room and needs to be finished.