Saturday, July 28, 2007


Chincoteague Island is really a unique place. It's unlike any other touristy coastal place that I have been. It kind of seems like time has stood still a bit there. I had the most interesting chat with the owner of a neat store called The Purple Pony and bought the most comfy sweatshirt there. I absolutely love it and will probably wear it every day this fall--except when I'm at work. I will link the site for you horse lovers out there. I'm not really impressed with the website, but believe me, the shirts are fabulous! Actually, the website is atrocious. It doesn't even list the price for the sweatshirts! YIKES!! I'll have to call them, since I really would love another one.

This is one of the painted buildings on the island.

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CandaceC said...

Hey friend! I love the additions you've made to your blog! And I love the song selections!! :) I saw you at church last week and didn't get over to say HI to you! What were you doing in our neck of the woods? LOL! I hear you're already back to work! Tell everyone at Cornerstone I said hi!