Friday, July 20, 2007

Just sit right down and you'll hear a tale . . .

After renting a pontoon boat to take his mother out on the lake in May, Michael realized how much he enjoyed being on the water. He decided to buy a small houseboat in June, and we quickly learned what being a boat owner means.

I'll spare you all the details of everything that can and will probably go wrong when you buy an older boat. Suffice it to say that I quickly realized that being a boat owner was not all I imagined. It appears though that it is everything Michael and Kelly imagined. You know, rose-colored glasses. *grin* Nothing has discouraged them--engine blowing, toilet backing up, hauling trash, washing windows, etc. They think everything has been just ducky.

I literally held my breath on our maiden voyage with the family--that would be the one after the tow in--praying for a safe and uneventful ride around the lake. It seems that things are looking up, but my lenses aren't quite rose-colored yet!

The kids have tons of fun at the dock!

We cross this bridge right before the entrance to the marina. The kids like to swim out to it while I stand at the end, ready to save someone with a noodle. *weak grin*

Brooke, Tessa, and Ross at the base of the bridge
Our captain, Ryan, is actually quite good at maneuvering the boat around the lake. He has now flawlessly parked it two times that I have witnessed. We don't want to mention the attempts his dad has made. *grin* Let's just say that everyone at the marina runs to greet hubby with their long poles in tow when he tries to bring the boat in!

Ryan doesn't look like he's willing to totally trust his dad behind the wheel!

Kelly and Travis enjoying lunch on the lake.

My brother and Kenzie enjoy some rest after an afternoon in the sun!
My sister-in-law, Mary
Everybody's Goin' Surfin'

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