Friday, July 20, 2007


It's not often that all rooms are in order on the same day; but when company is expected, it's amazing what can be accomplished. Here's the renovating updates. Just keep in mind that we're three years into the ten-year plan for completion!

I worked on the back splash last week, and we still have the fireplace tile, window, and trim painting to finish.

This is looking into the living area from the kitchen. We still have the big doors to paint and the corner thingy to figure out what to do with. Electrical needs to be moved to over the dining table for a light instead of the fan in the middle of no where special! Also, the staircase needs another coat of paint and to be carpeted. The French door on the left is the entrance to Kelly's part of the house from ours. It leads into the schoolroom. The big, double doors can be opened into what will one day be her living room.

This is looking from the staircase into the kitchen.

Above is the area at the top of the stairs. It is now the TV area and library. The ceilings still need to be replaced, windows painted, and trim finished. Below is the master. Someday the ceilings will have to be replaced in there, too, but not high on the priority list. The curtained-off area provides some much needed extra closet space. Closets are being added in the spare room, so this curtained wall may one day come down.

Tessa's room, of course! Someday her ceiling will need to be replaced, also.

Main bath upstairs. I still have the window to paint. Can you tell that I really don't enjoy painting trim????

Below is the very beginnings of our guest room and office area. Walls need to be finished as well as trim. At least the ceiling has been replaced! Also, the laundry room is outside of this room and needs to be finished.


Justine said...

The pictures of your house are STUNNING! I am not surprised, you do amazing things! It still seems so big! Well done. Enjoy

Love, Justine

sherri said...

I lurve your kitchen color. Can you share the manufacutrer/name or the mix?