Friday, August 24, 2007

Vacation Rewind - Canada

The weather in Tennessee has just been too, too hot! I heard the weatherman say the other night that we have had 22 days of temperatures over 90 degrees. Well, now that is probably up to 24 or 25 days. If we hit 30, a new record will be set. Yippee! I have actually seen the local thermometers reading at over 100 degrees several times! It is worse than when we lived in Florida. I really needed a blast of cold air, so I dug out some photos from Tessa's and my trip to Canada in January of 2006. What fun that was! We LOVE snow!

The family we stayed with has six boys. Three are in the photo below as well as three neighbor girls. They had a blast sledding together.

At the skating rink, they have the niftiest things like walkers that the children can use to learn how to ice skate.

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