Monday, September 10, 2007


Most everyone knows that I am an addict. I admit it--I am a book and curriculum junkie. I don't think there is a twelve-step program for people like me, but if there is, don't tell me or my family about it. I can live with my condition and don't even mind that my daughter is developing her own addiction for books as well!

While vacationing in Boston this summer, the kids asked if we could go into the Barnes & Noble after dinner one night. Since it was just a few minutes after 6 p.m., we had a little time before having to head back to the hotel. We all thought it was a grand idea.

I should mention here that we had been training the boys to be gentlemen the entire trip. They practiced opening the doors for the ladies at every stop. Nate--the littlest one--jumped out in front when we got to the store and opened the door wide for all to enter. We thought it was odd that there were not many lights on in the store, and it did seem strangely quiet; but in we went to shop. The buzzing in the background should have been our first clue that something was amiss. Now, don't get me wrong; the buzzing wasn't a loud, alarming sound--just kind of annoying, if you know what I mean.

I think Kelly was the first to mention that perhaps the store was not really open. After all, we didn't see any employees in the dim light. I kind of thought it would be rude to leave without at least browsing a bit and giving the employees a chance to come out from the back or from wherever they were. And if the store was really closed, why was it that the littlest fellow among us was able to open the big door???

We eventually put two and two together and figured out that the annoying buzz was, in fact, an alarm of some sort and that the store really wasn't open and that perhaps we should leave--which we did. As we exited through the door we entered, I noticed that the deadbolt lock had been turned, but it had not engaged. Just as I engaged it on the outside, the police showed up.

Two uniformed policemen came running around the corner and caught the two women and five children trying to leave the scene of the crime. Quite funny actually. I mean, really, of all the places to supposedly break into, we chose a book store! I'm kind of proud of the fact! After some explaining and the officers writing down my personal information for their report, we talked at length about the Red Sox. Their strong Boston accents really were amusing, and I kind of felt like I was hanging out with two characters from Cheers! Unfortunately, it never crossed our minds to get a picture with them. If only my friend, Renee, had been there. She surely would have remembered!              


Justine said...

Like you said: Only You!!!! LOL! I WISH I had been there with you. I would love to say I had done something so bold as to break into a bookstore!! LOL!!

L said...

You too??? I have been saying there needs to be a rehab for HS moms who love curriculum... *L*
I love your blog...