Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ross' class finished up Charlotte's Web this week by hosting an all-school county fair. It was great fun! Children were encouraged to enter items into different categories to be judged. Tessa and Ross did very well.

In photography, Ross received a first place ribbon for his photograph from the top of the St. Augustine lighthouse. Kelly framed it with some seashells that he had collected on the trip to Florida. Tessa received a second place ribbon for her photograph of a jellyfish at Ripley's Aquarium.

In the art category, Tessa received a first place ribbon for her watercolor and colored pencil collage. You can click on any photo to see it larger.

Tessa also received a first place ribbon for her tooth fairy pillow made from her old jeans. There is a snap pocket on the back to put her teeth in when she loses them.

Tessa's fairy in a canoe craft received a second place ribbon.

Ross' batman car received a third place ribbon and his planet painting an honorable mention.

But his cookies brought home another first place ribbon!

Tessa and her friends (enjoying free-dress day) checked out the exhibits.

Then they checked out the pig! It's name was Wilbur!

Kelly was in charge of carnival games and did a great job. There was a cake walk, pitch a penny, knock the cans over, fishpond, beanbag toss, football throw, and guess how many pieces of gum were in a jar. It rained for the first time in months. Yes, we needed it, but really! Anyway, games were moved indoors, and Travis manned the football throw!

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Justine said...

Your kids certainly swept the deck when it came to prizes!! Well done, kids!!