Monday, September 10, 2007

The Great Kayak Rescue

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Tessa who wanted to try her hand at kayaking. The only problem was that she was born into a family that was directionally-challenged with an oar--although she was unaware of this fact at the time. Being the brave child that she was, she confidently climbed into the contraption and even graciously took along a guest--who, for reasons that will soon be apparent, will be referred to as A.A. Again I mention that without any prior experience, Tessa set off on her short excursion. It was not long before she realized that her bravery and spirit of adventure could not make up for the lack of patience on the part of her weary passenger. After two or three or possibly four spins in a circle, the wee one became quite agitated. Perhaps fearing not ever actually reaching the distant shore or being too dizzy to walk if she did, A.A. commenced with her being-attacked-by-killer-bees scream. That sure got the attention of the relaxing parents on shore.

Almost immediately, more experienced kayakers from the surrounding areas began to row toward Tessa and A.A. It's doubtful that they truly believed that a rescue was needed or warranted; but even on the open seas, ears have their limits.

Since this is a once-upon-a-time story, it seems fitting to say that the knights in shining life vests, Chase and Seth, arrived none too soon. A.A. literally jumped shipped, abandoning the kind-hearted Tessa who so willingly let her join her on her maiden voyage.

I suppose the humiliation of the whole event left poor Tessa disheartened--or maybe she, too, was feeling a bit lightheaded from spinning so many times in a circle. Either way, she was the next to abandon ship.

Let me remind you that all this action took place in the matter of mere minutes. Speed and dexterity were demonstrated by these Knights of the Cornerstone. The parents soon realized that they could sit back and relax again since Chase and Seth had everything under control. At least they thought they did. Just how were they to get the abandoned kayak back to shore?

Seemingly out of nowhere, Aidan appeared on the scene. He quickly assessed the situation and did what any knight-in-training would do--he volunteered to row the vessel to shore. I'm sure the thought of actually rescuing somebody held greater appeal, but he did what needed to be done.

Relief rushed over the faces of the onlookers as the mission was completed, and all were safe and snug in their respective kayaks.

Although feeling a great sense of gratitude from not only being rescued from a spinning kayak, but also having been delivered from the high-pitched screams of A.A., Tessa seemed to enjoy the ride back to shore. An astute observer, however, could see the tears of disappointment in her eyes.

Tessa's spirits rallied, and she was eventually able to complete several successful jaunts across the lake. So I suppose one might say, "And she rowed happily ever after!"

While some parents prayed and others wrung their hands during the rescue attempt, one mom thought it important to record these events with her digital camera. Interesting.

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Justine said...

You didn't tell me Renee went on this little boating excursion!! Oh!? It wasn't Renee was it?! Was it YOU???? LOL!!

Seriously Denise, you MUST write a book with those exact words and pictures. What a wonderful children's story! Take it to the blurb site and make a cute story book!