Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Tessa received 33 books for Christmas, plus a gift card to Border's. How cool is that? Considering the fact that she could not read fluently until she was eight and a half, it does this mom's heart good to see her with a book in her hand. Well, usually it works that way. She actually has a book in her hand at all times. Sometimes that is not all that appropriate. *grin* Recently, she had to return to a public restroom to retrieve the book she placed down while she--well, you can imagine! I am trying not to dwell on that situation much. Then just last night, she brought a book and flashlight with her to the movie theater. And the point of that was???? She said that she didn't want to waste the preview time. She did have enough sense to leave it at her seat during her visit to the restroom.

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