Monday, January 21, 2008


One of the things I miss about not being home all the time is spending time doing creative projects. While visiting at a homeschooling friend's home in Florida, Tessa and I both took time to create with the *best*! If you want to be inspired and encouraged to live creatively, you must visit these folks.

First, I raided their dress-up stuff.
Then I took some photos!

Then Melanie walked me through the steps to create my masterpiece!

The photo captured Tessa's love for entering the world of imagination through books. The canvas looks great in my kitchen and is a reminder of this incredible stage of childhood and an unforgettable visit with friends.


angie said...

Hello there form Florida, I came across your blog after trying to get info about taking my daughter to the American girl store. Our daughters seem to have tons in common. LOVE the art project, could you walk to through it. Homeschool in Florida. Angie

The Peterson family said...

Denise- LOVE the picture of Tessa!! You will have to show me how to do this, so I can do one of our kiddos. It is beautiful!

CandaceC said...

So you're going to post that awesome photo and NOT tell us how to do it?? Please share!! :) It's gorgeous!


Renee said...

This is the most beautiful and artistic tribute to a daughter a mother can create. Just beautiful! I loved the first photo with Tessa in it, and then I saw what you created! Denise, a new hobby perhaps. Wanna try one of my photos? LOL HUGS! Love all the changes on your blog. Hubby with Harley! Oh boy! LOL

Esther said...

Hi there,
That is a neat project you created. I was wondering if you'd mind sharing how you did it, if you haven't already somewhere else on your blog.