Tuesday, April 29, 2008


If I remember correctly, the very first blog I ever posted was about a Medieval Feast, and here I am again! Tessa's class enjoyed a fun finale to their studies today. Kelly and I went to school last night to set up the table, and she was kind enough today to cook the Cornish game hens for Tessa's class. Some of the kids were a bit leery of eating them with their fingers, but in the end, I think they faced their fears!

Karlie, Hope, Tessa, Madison, Courtlyn, and Mrs. Harbin
Tessa was able to outfit all of the girls and one of the boys from her dress-up collection. They all looked smashing!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Michael's Pride and Joy

Believe it or not, Michael paid $500 for this car several years ago. He's worked on it a little at a time and really enjoys cruising in it. It's a diesel and a bit temperamental, so I don't ever drive it. He probably likes it that way. :) You may notice the new paint job on the house. The second story shutters had to be re-ordered in the correct size. Don't ask! When they are hung, I'll post the before and after photos. Michael Jr. and Travis did a great job!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I don't usually operate in brilliant mode, but every once in a while something hits me--usually without much effort on my part--that leaves even me a bit amazed. I like to think that these moments are God-inspired.

The other night, after I was already in bed, having faced an extremely challenging day, the phone rang. When I saw that it was Justine from Canada, I figured it had to be important! I answered the phone expectantly and am so glad that I did. In hindsight, I probably could have been a bit more cheerful and said hello before threatening her with something like, "You had better have gotten your referral to be calling me at this hour!" And, yes, she had!

For those of you who don't know, a referral to those who are walking through an adoption process is equivalent to, "Is it a girl or a boy?" For her it was two Ethiopian girls, ages 3 1/2 and 4 1/2! And they are adorable! It has been a long labor on her part, but the wait has been worth it! Unfortunately, her girls will not be home for several more months. She was able to fill me in on a few details--v
ery, very hard for the queen of detail--before I just had to hang up and get some sleep.

Back to my brilliant moment. *smile* I have two very dear, but very different, friends who live in Canada. We all met on a homeschooling board many years ago and have kept in touch through the years. As Justine and I were wra
pping up our brief conversation about her girls, I mentioned that Renee was going to be able to stop by on her way home from Florida next month.

Justine then mentioned that I had posted something on my blog that reminded her of Renee. I think it was the post about the kids looking at a ra
bbit in our front yard. To her, I'm not much of a take-time-to-smell- the-roses-type person. That would be Renee. In a split second, with my head on the pillow and my eyes more in a slit position than half-opened, I rambled off an analogy as I tried to defend my rabbit and smelly oil and African violet posts. It went something like this:

Justine, you, Renee, and I are like rides at an amusement park. You, my dear, are the spinning, constant-motion ride--tons of energy and excitement. It spins in several different directions and accomplishes its purpose with each!
Renee is the ferris wheel with the gently rocking seats, not caring about having to stop 30 more times before actually getting going. At each stop, life is viewed, appreciated, and probably photographed from a different perspective.

Right now, I am the ride that takes you up 250 stories and drops you at over 50 mph to reach the bottom in 3 seconds. It reaches its destination, but not much is noticed or accomplished on the way.

At one time I was the spinning ride and loved it, but now I'm much too old. Parts would be flying everywhere if I tried that again! I am ready to be the ferris wheel. My feeble attempt has started with a couple of bunnies outside of my front door. Bear with me as I define what life looks like to me as the speed changes! Now wasn't that just brilliant???

Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's hard to believe that it's already been four years since we moved into this house. I remember sharing Easter dinner with the relatives and neighbors and friends and our realtor and a very pregnant Kelly. Shortly after Kelly and the guests left, I received the call that labor had started. Kenzie was born just a few hours after arriving at the birth center--on my birthday! What a treat!

Kenzie had a fairy party this year, and it was very cute. Little girls are so much fun! She came upstairs while I was cleaning and asked me to give her fairy hair. I think it came out quite fairy-like! Who knows how long it will take for all the glitter to come out!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Welcome Spring!

I noticed two bunnies in our front flower garden on Saturday and immediately summoned the children. They love the bunnies that frequent our yard and have even named some of them. I don't remember any coming this close to the front door before, so it was quite the treat. Kenzie quietly peered out the window, and I took a few photos before they bounded across the lawn. The others watched them disappear out of sight.

I am a *smell* person, so if at home, an oil burner is going! I was able to buy several bottles of the oil at Bath & Body Works last fall on a half price sale, so can change the scent with the season or my mood! I also learned that I can fill the burner with water and add a few drops of the oil for a very long-lasting effect. I do have to be careful though with my choices because not everyone in the house enjoys all the lovely scents as much as I do. I have had my candle snuffed out more than once while upstairs! Kelly will try to be subtle as she shuts the door between our two homes. My choice for spring this weekend was Sparkling Peach and Coconut Lime Verbena. I really wanted to try Japanese Cherry Blossom but it was quite sweet smelling, and I knew it would not be popular. I'll have to burn that one when I'm home alone.

My African violets are in full bloom on my kitchen window sill, and I'll have to be satisfied with them until I can get outside and do my spring planting. We enjoyed spring break this week, but we had several rainy days which did not encourage gardening. I am not complaining, because after last summer's drought, it is so nice to see green grass again. And the lake is rising which is another very good thing!

Love this plate from Southern Living. It is great to write on greetings, menus, inspirational thoughts, etc. with a dry-erase or wet-erase marker. I was able to buy quite a few seasonal and special-occasion ribbons while visiting a ribbon factory in Massachusetts last summer. I have to admit that I am not that good about changing out the message or the ribbon. I have a feeling my Easter one will be up for a while.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I absolutely love to organize things. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to actually see my efforts at the end of a day. A friend of Kelly's was in a purging mood and decided to part with a spinning rack that had come from a scrap booking store. It housed over 100 plastic drawers that held a variety of papers. I don't think the previous owner had much of a vision for it past its original intent. She didn't think about turning the drawers upside down to be used as shelves. *grin* Oh, I could not wait to dive in to this one!

The cleaning took place in the foyer. I had to be sure it was worthy of my efforts before I convinced the guys to carry it up the stairs. It certainly was!

It is now part of Tessa's arts and crafts studio. I purchased the brightly colored photo boxes for $2.50 each. It didn't take long to load in her stuff. There are four sides, and half of one (not shown) has a drawer for each of Tessa's Klutz books.

Today we added trim to the edges that were showing a bit of wear and tear. Having supplies at her fingertips has inspired Tessa to create, and I am thrilled!