Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's hard to believe that it's already been four years since we moved into this house. I remember sharing Easter dinner with the relatives and neighbors and friends and our realtor and a very pregnant Kelly. Shortly after Kelly and the guests left, I received the call that labor had started. Kenzie was born just a few hours after arriving at the birth center--on my birthday! What a treat!

Kenzie had a fairy party this year, and it was very cute. Little girls are so much fun! She came upstairs while I was cleaning and asked me to give her fairy hair. I think it came out quite fairy-like! Who knows how long it will take for all the glitter to come out!


Mum to Six Boys said...

You have me thoroughly confused! I thought my son was born on your birthday - April 12th?! LOL!

Or are you confused?


Renee said...

April 12th??? Oh my! Was this your birthday party too? Where's the picture of you with your fairy outfit on? Come on, upload it! Seriously, these are such precious photos, I just loved them all! And heh, was it your birthday too? I dropped the ball on this one if so, belated blessings to you.