Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I absolutely love to organize things. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to actually see my efforts at the end of a day. A friend of Kelly's was in a purging mood and decided to part with a spinning rack that had come from a scrap booking store. It housed over 100 plastic drawers that held a variety of papers. I don't think the previous owner had much of a vision for it past its original intent. She didn't think about turning the drawers upside down to be used as shelves. *grin* Oh, I could not wait to dive in to this one!

The cleaning took place in the foyer. I had to be sure it was worthy of my efforts before I convinced the guys to carry it up the stairs. It certainly was!

It is now part of Tessa's arts and crafts studio. I purchased the brightly colored photo boxes for $2.50 each. It didn't take long to load in her stuff. There are four sides, and half of one (not shown) has a drawer for each of Tessa's Klutz books.

Today we added trim to the edges that were showing a bit of wear and tear. Having supplies at her fingertips has inspired Tessa to create, and I am thrilled!

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Renee said...

Tessa, you are way cool with this neat set-up. Wanna do some crafts together when I come visit you? I'll be sure to bring some great stuff for us...wink