Monday, May 26, 2008

Once upon a time, there were three old men who challenged three young men to a basketball game. Right from the start, it appeared that the young men had a slight advantage.

They just seemed to fly through the air.

The oldtimers were just not as light on their feet. Something just seemed to weigh them down.

Perhaps it was their choice of shoes?

They really did try their hardest, and an occasional swoosh could be heard . . .

. . . between the moans and groans.

Finally, they seemed to have a breakthrough. All of a sudden it was if a fire had been lit beneath them--at least it appeared to be lit beneath one of them!

He--for at least one brief moment--returned to the days of his youth . . .

. . . and showed his stuff!

Let Summer Begin!

Memorial Day Weekend at Harrell Park

Water Gazing

Fidel the Lifeguard
View of the Campgrounds

Sunset Tubing

Tessa was a little nervous about being pulled on a tube after seeing some of her friends fly through the air without the greatest of ease earlier in the day. That experience did not interest her at all! Terry kept his promise--although I had my doubts--and gave a relatively calm ride to Tessa and Abby.

The End of a Perfect Day

Terry and Aleshia are kayaking in the distance.