Sunday, June 08, 2008

VBS - Rated PG

It started with a tiki bar,

And then it went a bit too far!

The pastors stopped by for a drink,
Without a thought of what we'd think!
Next the youth dropped by for some,
We wondered what we had begun!

Tatoos were next, had we gone mad?

Even Don was looking BAD!

Wanda chose one--hard to believe!
Her husband's frown she would receive!

Then the hibiscus flower was eyed,
And to the bartender it was applied!

Director Kelly was not so brave,
It was her reputation she was trying to save!

Mitch didn't care about wisecracks,

So Wanda gave him the railroad tracks.

Deanna and Tonya wanted some fun,

Wow! Take a look when they were done!

The beauty queen thought it all wrong,
But giving in did not take long.

She asked for one to make her hotter
The butterfly's the one we got her.
Her husband did not look impressed
Even though she tried her best.

This tatoo thing he wasn't feeling
And in the end, was too revealing!

1 comment:

Is Eight Enough? said...

As Renee would say: Wowza!!

LOL!! Very well done!