Saturday, July 26, 2008

Making Flower Fairies

1. Take photos and glue to cardstock.

2. Cut out photos and gather supplies.

3. Arrange and arrange some more.

4. Glue and glue some more.

5. Add a stick and some grass.

6. Plant!


Is Eight Enough? said...

You are so creative!! I LOVE that idea! If only you lived next door so we could make these together! Maybe when I fly down to visit you. :o)

Candace C said...

Oh my, those are so darn cute!! :)

Renee said...

Oh my! Anna-Marie is going gaga over here, thinks these are very wonderful! She loves flower fairies and so does her nieces. Have you seen the flower fairies book series yet? Very cute! The last book we bought was "Sweet pea's perfect promise". Well done, very fun!

edie+steve said...

LOVE the flower fairies! The girls and I will just have to make those sometime. I miss seeing you Ms. Denise. We've got to get together soon.

darci said...

what a GREAT idea! thanks for sharing, my three princesses are going to be THRILLED!

KatCollects said...

I love this idea, thank you. I am going to make some of my Daughter, can't wait.

Mimi said...

I found you from House of Whimsy!!!
Your profile is so me!!!! I love finding new friends!!! I say if you don't meet a new friend everyday , you have missed out on something great!!!!
I love those little fairy photos, check out my blog and see my little fairy Princess!!! her Fairly 1st Birthday Party complete with a fairy garden theme was so much fun!!! We love Princesses and fairies!!!!Her Auntie works for Disney so why wouldn't we!!!!We
hope you will stop by
have a blessed day

Anonymous said...

waiting for next post