Monday, July 21, 2008

The Thrill of the Hunt

Recently, I happened upon a blog that provided me with the most fun that I've had all summer. You can read into that statement that I haven't been out much lately or taken a vacation like everyone else I know. This site inspired me while at the same time depressed me. I laughed out loud and cried silently into the wee hours.

I am a creative person--check out the name of my blog for goodness sake! I also love to find humor in almost every situation. It is frustrating to me that I have so many ideas and so many chuckles locked up inside with so little time to do something with either of them. I especially enjoy working in my home, making it a step up from ordinary and predictable. I would hate it if people thought I was ordinary and predictable. Horrors! But, it takes time and energy--lots of time and energy--to work at not being ordinary and predictable and thus the dilemma.

Well, baby steps. Last week while Tessa and Ross were at camp and Nate was at the boat with Grandpa, Kelly, Kenzie, and I decided to have a girls' day out. We just knew that somewhere out there, the treasure we needed in order to reach our creative fulfillment awaited us.

We started at a local store called As Is. Now, this would be a great place to include a picture of what we found there--but of course, we forgot the camera and missed a really awesome shot of what we literally almost stumbled upon. (possibly another post?) We're flexible though and just knew that the day was going to hold all sorts of photo opportunities, so we ran home to grab the camera for the next one.

Next, we went to a local sandwich shop. We entered with camera in hand ready to get that perfect shot. I just knew my friend Renee was going to be impressed when we captured the veggie rolls and soup at just the right angle. It truly is a shame that after talking about it on the way through the door with the camera in hand, we promptly forgot about it until--well, until--well, just see for yourself!

Before I was a working girl and time was not so scarce, one of my main hobbies was treasure hunting. Now for some that may conjure up a pirate-y image of, let's say, Elizabeth Swann diving for pearls off the coast of some exotic island--but that wouldn't be quite right since I have a problem with water going up my nose and visits to exotic islands are not likely.

Treasure hunting for me is simply embracing and enjoying the process of looking for and finding something that you didn't know you were looking for in the first place. And when you see it--at the right price--it instantly inspires you and starts your creative juices flowing. Wow, that's a pretty good definition! It's not the same as hitting up an advertised sale in order to purchase a specific, predictable product--no, can't be predictable. A true treasure hunter like myself loves the process almost as much as the find.

My recent finds include the following:

mirror to replace the grouping of mirrors over my dresser
local furniture store, $60

metal bowl, candle stick, flower pot, glass something or other
Goodwill, $10

pillow shams
Ross, $2.99 each

rubber Glovelies
Ross, $2.99 each

mineral make-up bowls and tray
(of course, that's not what they really are)
Pier One, $5

twin duvet to use as shower curtain
Ross, $6.99

tension wire thingy
Ikea, can't remember had it so long

wall words
daughter Kelly, priceless

Wow, that was fun! Now I just have to finish the projects on my dining room table, and laugh out loud a few more times, and I'll really feel fulfilled this month!

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Renee said...

Ya BABY!!! When I come down, I wanna hunt with YOU! Oh the thrill of the find to be sure, I'm in! You've been a lucky treasure hunter these days. I love your bathroom, it's so lovely, beautiful green color and the yellow is just right. Okay, tease me all you want, but your photos of dirty dishes are just delightful. I'm surprised you never took a shot of someone licking the plate. Now wouldn't that be just fun, fun, fun too. LOL Seriously, I've decided to find something of gratitude each and every day now, using my camera to focus on the "little things", because they give joy to my world. Take funny photos, who cares, we are in the digital world and it's free, free, free. Right up there with "treasure" wouldn't you say matey! ;-)) HUGS!!!