Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Before and After at the Boxmoor

Remember that I told you that the house we live in used to be a school. Well, here you have what was the art room. Notice how they decoupaged the windows with tissue paper and other such stuff. Oh, this was a nightmare to remove! I wouldn't advise doing this to your windows--inspirational, I am not trying to be! Also, notice the linoleum that they GLUED to the wood floors! Another nightmare--even worse actually!

And I already told you about our fire alarms, exit signs, and doors that opened out to greet visitors in the southerny-schooly fashion. At one time, this house was actually considered a mansion in our town. Honestly, I have an old book referring to it as such!

Believe it or not, after getting at least one bathroom working, those windows were my next priority. I could not stand them! Ryan finally was able to steam the windows clean.

A window was cut into the kitchen area and the beadboard went up next.

Then we tried our hand at removing the flooring. This, probably was one of the biggest mistakes we made. It was best handled by professionals, which we were more than happy to pay any price, after working on them for two weeks.

Eventually, we had one room to relax in. It was only a very small corner of a massive house, but it was clean and tidy. It remained the den for several months and then turned into my husband's office.

After splitting the house in two a while back, Kelly and family now use that room as their dining room. She's beachy as you can see! She also is a whiz at making Roman shades out of shower curtains or whatever. Maybe that is a mistreatment? *wink* Notice all her Uppercase Living stuff on the table! Need wall words?


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