Saturday, August 23, 2008


The Nester announced a mistreatment party and I wanted to go so badly. I do think I have my ticket in! I live in a circa 1860 house which was previously used as a school. Time and money is our constant struggle as we attempt to renovate each room--my husband is in the business so that is another reason nothing is done!

When we moved in four years ago, every room had drop ceilings (usually with spitballs stuck to them), sprinkler systems, commercial grade wallcoverings, and carpeting glued to the wood floors. All lighting fixtures and mantles had been removed. There were five bathrooms, but none of them worked properly. There were no laundry hook-ups, but we did have our very own water fountain and light-up exit signs. And let's not forget the fire alarm system that was directly linked to the fire station--for the protection of all the little children no doubt. Don't ask us how we found that out on our first night in the place. Maybe I'll post that photo another day! Oh, and I must mention that all the doors opened out--like
Welcome, let me smack you in the face with my door before I let you in!

Anyway, I am guilty of mistreating ceiling tiles. They were in every room as I mentioned before to cover up the sprinkler system and extensive electrical upgrades to support about eight fluorescent lighting systems in each room! Because every room could not be done at once or in my wildest dream--before we moved in, I had to resort to creativity to buy time. I've grown accustomed to the look, and while I'd prefer the ceilings to be done, there is only so much sheetrock dust one can breathe in each year and remain out of intensive care. So, I offer you my ceiling mistreatments! And as a bonus, you can see my temporary wall made from a tablecloth (the best thing for curtains in my house because of the very high ceilings and large windows and the fact that they can be washed when we do sheetrock) and Ikea lace panels. They are hung using ceiling tile hooks and a rod. A little later on I will show you what is behind curtain number one!

The ceiling tiles have been wallpapered with textured white paper to resemble old tin. I then painted them--actually several times and colors which I would not advise--do try to get it right the first time if possible. I do like the metallic gold since I'm all about having something different than everybody else. Well, technically, drop ceilings are something different than everybody else, aren't they?

In the upstairs hallway, I've covered the ceiling tiles with tablecloths I purchased for less than $20 from TJ Maxx, one of my favorite stores. I love this so much that I doubt I'll ever do this ceiling properly. There are more ceiling mistreatments, but since I'm not sure they actually count, I'll stop here.

Behind curtain number one is a sort of dressing room. I have a small desk with my devotion books, some extra clothes and shoes, and sewing supplies. On the wall, I hung a piece of an old mantle, attached a curtain rod and hung all of my necklaces. Before I went to work two years ago, accessorizing meant putting a clip in my hair to keep it out of my face. Now I try to wear something snazzy every day. The necklaces hang from curtain clips and shower curtain hooks. I actually prefer the latter and am on the lookout for some on markdown to add to my rod.


M.L. said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog very much. I can tell we are kindred spirits...not to mention, the same age. : )

Feel free to take a peek at the make-over we're doing in my daughter's room. Great fun!!

I, too, participated in The Nester's mistreatment first post ever!

M.L. @

Tara said...

Love your mistreatments and those ceilings are great! What a beautiful home!

Kim said...

I am checking out all the Mistreatments from Nester's blog and I LOVE your necklace holder idea!

Jennifer said...

I've never seen a ceiling mistreatment ... and I LOVED it! You are so creative.

Kelly said...

I nominated you for an award- check it out here.


M.L. said...

M.L. returning here...
I have to say, the little fairy plant stakes you made were genious in the making!! I have given the web address of the exact page you give the instruction on, to my friends, daughters, and daughter-in-law. I plan on doing this with my 2 little grand daughters---pure delight. I have added one more little post about something I made the other night. Take a peek if you wish. : )

M.L. @ thehouseofwhimsy