Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is definitely a trip down memory lane for me. Our first 'ahem' house (shack) in Tennessee was more than a fixer upper. It literally was the house that Jack built--with whatever he probably found on a trailer construction site. We had a vision for the property--not necessarily the house. But as is our life now, we had to make do with what was there in the meantime. Too bad the before photos of this house are not digital. Now that I think about it, they'd actually be a bit too scary to post. Some things you really don't care to re-live.

Anyway, our dream was to build a log cabin on the top of the hill--it was a really big hill, I might add! To appease myself while I patiently waited, I faux logged my son's bedroom walls and added a friend to his pocket door. That dream of building the log cabin never did materialize for many reasons, and that's okay, because God had much different plans. Times change and so do tastes, but the cozy feel this room gave then still makes me feel good so many years later.

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Katherine said...

hi, i came across your blog from a googles image search, and i was wondering how you did the horse stable (wall?door?)? it is super cute and i know my niece would love it.