Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here's a great project if you have about $2 to spare! All I did was decoupage scrapbook paper to $1 clipboards, added ribbon and a notepad, and personalized with names ordered from Uppercase Living. The three below are on their way to Canada. My friend, Justine, is currently in Ethiopia picking up her newly adopted daughters, and these are for them. I wrote sweet notes for Gadisae and Mesai, welcoming them to their new life! You may want to read Justine's very detailed blog, chronicling every moment of their adventure. It's very moving!

I have mine conveniently placed by the back door to use as a shopping list. I just rip the paper off on my way out of the door. At least that's the theory. As you can see, mine has not been personalized yet!

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edie+steve said...

I love your post! and the clipboards! I'll definitely add that to my list. What are those names though? Just curious?