Monday, September 08, 2008


Every time we visit our friends in Florida, Tessa and I come back very inspired. These girls truly do live life creatively! They are gifted artists, crafters, writers, dancers, etc. I'm not so sure they realize it because being homeschooled, they haven't much opportunity to play the compare game. That is a good thing. I kid you not--these two come up with so many cool things on their own. Take the project below.

They started collecting the Bella Sara trading cards and then decided to make their own. These are pretty impressive, but they didn't stop there. They began making trading cards of famous people that they are studying. The photos do not do the cards justice ,and the close-ups that I took are too blurry. You can click on the photo to enlarge it and make viewing much better.

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Renee said...

someone here is absolutely inspired!!! Thanks for a great post, great artwork, great fun! ahhhh.....