Monday, September 08, 2008

Night on the Boat

Although Michael spends several nights a week on the boat either by himself or with one or all of the kids (Tessa, Ross, Nate), I have never done it. I just prefer to not aggravate my already bad back and to have a shower in the morning. :)

I did, however, agree to have a girls' night on the boat. We were anchored slightly off shore of the property where several families from our church were camping.

Chloe and Tessa shared the top bunk. I slept below them.

Casey slept on a cot in the kitchen area--
about two feet from the others!

This photo should make their hygienist mother,
who was not with them on this trip, very proud!

The girls started the day with commercials.
You really had to be there for this!

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