Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tessa was allowed to invite just five girls to her birthday party this year. I know my limits, and six giggly girls doing cooking and crafts is enough for me! Each team of two was given a box mix to make for snack time. This proved to be quite hilarious. I only wish that I had videoed it! One team--which will remain anonymous--added a cup and a quarter instead of a quarter of a cup of water. That was interesting. And one team added some egg shells to their brownies. *snicker*


Abby and Morgan

Courtlyn and Izzy

Tessa and Hope


The girls had a lot of fun making the crazy letters, even if at times it didn't sound like they were having fun. They were a bit frustrated in the beginning, but soon figured it out.

I think that I enjoyed the spin art the best. It is so reminiscent of childhood trips to the amusement park where you could squirt the paint as the paper twirled in circles.

The girls also made the scrabble tile necklaces, but no photos were taken during that. I think I was outside working on drying the artwork, and Kelly was assisting the girls. That meant no photographer on duty. We did not even get pictures of the food; that visual will have to remain in our memory!


Candace C said...

Denise, I love the idea for the craft party - I'm definitely going to have to steal that one, as I have 2 girls who would craft all day long. THey would love something like this!

Hope said...

that party wuz AWSOME!!!!!!!oh,and didn't u just love my backwards fall spin art thingie!?!;):);0