Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday, Tessa, Kelly, and I worked hard at making samples of the crafts that we'll do at Tessa's birthday party next week. Tessa has only invited a few of her super crafty friends because too many would make her mother go crazy! We want this to be fun! I am a strong believer in being very prepared before introducing a craft to a bunch of kids. Yeah, I learned that from experience! So we experimented and then experimented some more. I think we're about set!

Kelly did the K for Kenzie and I did the D for--well, you probably know who that is for! Although the cursive-challenged children and adults did not recognize the D. I don't know what they thought it was. One person said it was just too busy. I kind of like it. The K is made from pipe cleaners, therefore a bit too flimsy for my tastes. The D is made from floral wire which I wrapped with masking tape before wrapping with whatever. It is very sturdy and will not bend without a considerable amount of effort--kid-proof! The girls will have some interesting things to hang off of theirs. I didn't want to waste these items on myself.


Is Eight Enough? said...

Sorry Denise,

But when I saw that "D" I thought of parasites! LOL!! Seriously, look at the top of that curly que on the "D". Hopefully one day I can look at D's and see simply letters. *grin*

The Peterson family said...

very fun ideas, Denise!!! We saw your car at CA last night on our way home... you need to be OFF like a dirty shirt and NOT working on a day off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!