Sunday, October 12, 2008


We will be doing this fun project at Tessa's Bake and Make and Take party next weekend. I had no idea that a salad spinner could be used for spin art! It took a few tries to perfect the process, but it was worth it. Our practice was done on paper plates, and the finished project was done on circles cut from manila folders! I sometimes impress myself with my resourcefulness!

Kenzie and Tessa did the spinning, and we learned a lot! The best designs were made when we applied the paint with a circular motion before we started spinning. Just dropping it in the middle gave you the results below.

Our disks were placed on paper plates to dry. Some of the paint was very thick and had to be left overnight. I'll probably have to use a hairdryer for the girls' projects next week.

After they dried, I printed off the letters on cardstock and cut them out with pinking sheers. I laced the disks together with some beautiful multicolored ribbon yarn that I got at the Dollar Tree. It was 110 yards for a dollar--of course! I am so pleased with the finished project! If I were just doing this with Tessa, we probably would do a longer word or saying, but experience in mass production with kids told me to keep it short! I did buy paint in red and two shades of green for a Christmas greeting.

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