Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Tessa!

Today my baby turned 12! That is so sad! I still can hardly believe that the Lord blessed us with a fourth child and that it was a GIRL and that she is just one year away from being a teenager. And I didn't think colic would ever end! Having Tessa at almost 40 has made my life much more interesting, and I can't imagine life without her!

Tessa at two months, Mom at almost 4o!

Loved hats!

She wore those beads everywhere! Imagine--she put those on before she opened her Christmas presents! Too funny!


edie+steve said...

What precious pictures, Denise. You looked fabulous at 40 and fab at 50something too.

Candace C said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl and baby. :) Every birthday for my baby seems so much more sad. I guess that doesn't change. :( You looked beautiful at 40 and still do today!! :) I love the old pictures you shared! Tessa's sweet little face has hardly changed!