Monday, October 06, 2008

More Fall

I had fun decorating this year. My normal house colors are easy to work with in the fall and for Christmas. They don't work out so well for the summer beach theme. For that I just have to go next door to Kelly's side or to the boat!

Michael and Tessa both cleaned up pretty good last Sunday, so I just had to take a picture!

Just in case you were wondering just what those dead looking things in the pots are, they are called mapines. Yes, I made that up. I'm pretty clever. If you want some just like it, let me share my quick tutorial. First you go out into the backyard-- in your pajamas, of course--and then you jump up and yank a branch from a pine tree. It will snap off pretty easily as long as it does not have any green left on it--which mine did not. Then you glue some fake --or is that faux?--maple leaves to the dead pine branches. I bet you figured out that mapine thing already, eh? I'm talking a bit Canadian here since I'm using maple leaves for this project. ;) Finally, shove some newspaper in a pot, cram in the mapines, and top with some tree moss that you steal from another arrangement. Voila! Pretty impressive, eh (again!)!

Couldn't resist showing off that Goodwill candlestick that I got a few months back. And finally, the mason jar scarecrows that Tessa and I made several years ago. I know, one looks like he's giving you the evil eye--that one's Tessa's!

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