Sunday, October 12, 2008


Another project that we will do are the Scrabble tile necklaces. These were easy and fun once the materials were gathered. You don't need much, but what you do need is not easily found around the house, which is what I prefer. Ours probably can't compete with the real spiffy ones that I have seen all over the Internet, but half the fun is making them yourself! Obviously I don't really plan my photos since I left out half the stuff you need. You do not need bananas if you were wondering!

What you do need: wooden tiles, craft glue, razor knife, bails (silver thingys), crazy glue for bails, Triple Thick glaze by DecoArt. Some folks use Diamond Glaze, but I couldn't find that.

This isn't the greatest photo, so I will take another when they are dry and I can put them on the necklace cord. The bails are about 75 cents a piece and not so easy to find. I have one for each girl, but they will probably make several tiles. Their moms will just have to share in the fun by hunting some down for them to complete their necklaces!

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