Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feeling Quite Clever

It's really hard to compete with some of you creative geniuses out there, but I think the following idea may make me a contender in the Thanksgiving table contest. *wink* What do ya think, Edie?

Tessa got a nifty sewing/embroidery machine for her birthday last month. She mastered that machine in record time and has been personalizing everything in sight! Instead of place cards, she did the guests' names on placemats from the Dollar Tree. We put them on the table opposite of how you usually see placemats, so that the name is visible above the plate.

I really love coming up with the idea and having someone execute it for me! Tessa's quite pleased with herself as well!


The Hicks Family said...

I'm impressed. Three cheers for Tessa and her handy dandy sewing machine.

edie+steve said...

Oh for the sweet love of all things monogrammed. I'm so smitten with those. Great idea and execution. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Hugs and love,

edie+steve said...

We are reading out of the Treasury of Daily Prayer (from Concordia Publishing House). It's a Lutheran devotional book of sorts but is awesome. I haven't read the books you mentioned but I looked them up and they look perfect for reading aloud to the girls. I may call you about borrowing!
I did love Uncharted....very compelling and provoking. I need to mull over it a few days and collect my thoughts. But I'd love to sit down with you some coffee and talk about it....and a million other things. Love and miss you!