Monday, December 01, 2008


If there is such a thing as luck, which I doubt, I would say that I have bad. I really don't remember ever winning anything since second grade when I won a tootsie roll. It was a big one at least. Regardless, having no luck or bad luck did not stop me from entering the $500 Walmart card giveaway. It really was not difficult, so if you are feeling lucky--or not, please go here and enter to win! I know what I would buy if I won--which I won't! But that's okay too!

I will offer a money saving idea for a nifty Christmas gift for grandma or memaw or mimi or granny or whatever you call her here in the south. A few years ago, I made Tessa into an angel for the grandmothers. They loved it and so did I! It is very similar to the flower fairy I made a few months back. Click on the photo below for an up-close and personal look!


edie said...

The little angel is so cute......and yes you do win just won a copy of the Lutheran Prayer Book on my blog!!!!! Have a great Monday.

edie said...

Oooh Ms. Denise---love your blog design and header. Beauuuutiful.