Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Post

Wow! It's not even Christmas yet, and I have already received everything I could ever want--well, maybe not the trip to some place more wonderful than Pigeon Forge or the new car with comfortable seats. It really doesn't take much to please me, however, and my friends at school have already done so!

Inspirational Happy: Notepad
I'm so going to steal this idea!
Reading Happy: The new
yadayada book!
Jumping up and down here!
Reading Happy 2: The oh-so-pretty bookmark!
Shopping Happy: TJ Maxx cards!
Oh, the gifts that keeps on giving!

Shopping Happy 2: Monogrammed green bag!
(Really, it's a black and white bag!)
Creative Happy: Sixth Grade Poetry Book
Tessa wrote a great poem!
Work Happy: Gel pens and sticky notes!
It doesn't get better than this!
Photography Happy: New Frame!
Food Happy: Yummy dip & pottery crock to put it in!
Decorating Happy: Lovely Southern Living vase!
Smell Happy: Evergreen spray!
Okay, I bought that for myself!
Attention Getter Happy: Sequined bell!
That's a bit of a stretch for an everything-I-always-wanted gift, but I had to include it!

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