Monday, December 01, 2008

Whatever were we thinking?

I'm not sure whose idea it was to create a float for the Christmas parade--well, maybe I do--but it was probably not the most brilliant one of the year. Of course, when it is all done, and everyone says, "WOW!," then maybe it will have been worth it!

Just in case you want to know for future reference, the steps to a successful parade float--although that is yet to be seen for sure--are as follows:

1. Come up with a brilliant idea. Check.
2. Sell brilliant idea to the powers that be. Check.
3. Come up with slogan. Check.
4. Sell slogan idea to powers that be. Check.
This is actually pretty easy at this point because the powers that be don't really care as long as they don't have to do anything but say, "Great idea!"
5. Inspire an artist to design your brilliant idea. Check.
6. Get some redneck with a big trailer to haul your brilliant idea. Check.
7. Get some sucker kids to dress up in ridiculous costumes. Check.
This is pretty easy as well. You just make them feel special about being chosen to ride on the float in the freezing cold.
8. Convince a worship leader that music will *make* it! Check.
How ridiculous since we all know that what makes it is not the music, but the volunteers who designed, sent out endless emails, painted, decorated, cleaned up the mess, etc., etc.
9. Inspire people to donate stuff--lots of stuff. Check.
10. Get plenty of volunteers to paint the scenes and decorate.
Truth be told, we failed miserably at this. In the future, this should be labeled number one. Then you will know if numbers 2-10 are even necessary. But let the record show that it can be done with under ten committed individuals. Not that I'd recommend it unless they also want to be committed in the other kind of way--know what I mean?

One committed art teacher.
She loves this kind of stuff!

Plus one committed daughter who also loves this kind of stuff!

Plus three more--count them--THREE committed volunteers!

Plus two committed inspectors.
(But one's been counted before so that one is a minus!)

Plus the muscle and brains.
You decide who is who.

Have you done the math yet?
Still under ten.

By the way, the Egyptian has her eye on this one!

These two have already been counted--don't even think it!

Slackers--perhaps we should minus again.

Plus the real serious workers.
(One of these has already been counted too!)

Stay tuned for the finished float!

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edie+steve said...

That looks so impressive Denise....and like a ginormous amount of work. That makes me wanna come to the parade! Oh and thanks for the book, we're gonna have a hard time only reading the assigned readings!