Monday, January 21, 2008


Finally, the temperatures rose, and we were able to shed our coats, hats, scarves, and gloves for a few hours before catching the plane home. Disney's Pop Century hotel is their attempt at making a trip there affordable for families. It is bargained priced and provides transportation to all the attractions, but what we did not consider is how much outdoor walking would be done to get anywhere on the compound! This would not have been too much of a factor had the temperatures not been so frigid. I thought I'd freeze to death at the end of a long day weaving in and out and up and down on the way to our room. Also, I had to bundle up just to do some laundry.

Tessa did get in the pool on the last day for about 20 minutes while I packed. Although it was heated to 80 degrees, with outside wind chills in the 20's, it did not appeal to us to swim on any other day. Now there were some folks with less-than-average intelligence who actually allowed their children to swim in that weather, but we were not in that category!


One of the things I miss about not being home all the time is spending time doing creative projects. While visiting at a homeschooling friend's home in Florida, Tessa and I both took time to create with the *best*! If you want to be inspired and encouraged to live creatively, you must visit these folks.

First, I raided their dress-up stuff.
Then I took some photos!

Then Melanie walked me through the steps to create my masterpiece!

The photo captured Tessa's love for entering the world of imagination through books. The canvas looks great in my kitchen and is a reminder of this incredible stage of childhood and an unforgettable visit with friends.


Our first stop was to visit Kelly's sister-in-law and her family. They have adopted both of our horses and have given them a great home. Wild Imagination and Cracker Jack receive loads of attention and seem to be thriving with Bonnie, Katie, Sarah, Susannah, Becca, and Christianna!


I had a good laugh yesterday when Kellye tried to show us the karate moves she learned during her first week of college classes. She cracked us up when she asked Ryan to reposition his hands during an attack and to not hold so hard. We sure hope she doesn't have to use these techniques too soon!