Monday, January 12, 2009


The amazing sewing/embroidery machine is a Brother. I bought it from Home Shopping Network because they had a deal at the time. I don't think they are carrying this particular one any longer. They have another one that is similar, but it cost a bit more than I wanted to spend. A friend bought the same one as I did at about the same time, and she is happy with it as well. There is still a lot for us to learn about the embroidery, but so far it's been fun! Two features that I absolutely love are the automatic needle threader and the automatic thread cutter. It is so much easier teaching someone how to sew on a machine like this!

I kind of pride myself on being thrifty and knowing where the bargains are, so was quite impressed with the scouting abilities of a new-to-the-area friend. Who knew that just a few miles down the road there is an incredible discount furniture store. Well, I know now! I have been on the lookout for a desk for Tessa's art/sewing/computer area. Up to now, she's made do with a plastic collapsible table with a nifty plastic tablecloth. I am thrilled with the Pottery Barn-looking desk I got for----are you ready?----$89! Love it! Pay no attention to the attempt at leveling. Just part of living in a 150 year old house! Scary, I know!


edie said...

I 'sew' covet that machine (bad pun intended) and all your sewing skills and all your new monogrammed items! I'm coming for a lesson!

Thanks again for the beautiful bird...and vintage book.
Can't wait til Blissdom for some much needed girl time.

Candace C said...

Ok, is this the place by Dollar General as you are going towards Jeff City? If NOT then please tell me as I'm always looking for a bargain furniture place!! :)

Cute desk by the way! We are looking for a smallish desk/table for our play/school room computer.

Renee said...

Denise my sweet friend! I just nominated you for the Marie Antoinette award on my blog, my super for REAL wonderful friend!! Thank you for being you. Love you! Hugs to you! And heh, is Tessa for hire for monogramming for me too? GREAT POSTS, keep that girl rolling. WOW, she is so talented, and I figure it just runs in the family! Right?

Candace C said...

Hey there, me again. :) Just wanted to tell ya that I have been in that Closeout Connection a few times. I have bought 2 sets of bookshelves and an end table. And today I went back and bought a black desk just like Tessa's white one! :) It looks great in our playroom (though the room isnt' decorated at all, just all our school stuff and toys.) But I love that place! :) Glad someone else is getting good use out of it too! I would buy up alot of what they have if I had enough money every week. :)

Oh and GREAT finds at the auction! I've never done an auction, but would love to go with YOU to one, would not be brave enough by myself. :)