Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's the first time in a long time that I have an advantage. Yes, these challenging economic times, which call for extreme measures, has put me at an advantage when it comes to thriftiness. Being dirt poor for a good part of my adult life and all of my childhood has left me with some amazing skills. I kind of think of myself as hard to beat in this category. Now Kelly (daughter number one) has inherited these amazing abilities and has been trained by the best--in my not-so-humble opinion. We can--get this--seriously sniff out a good deal. I am not kidding. We have been known to walk into a thrift store while on vacation--usually our first stop, even before the hotel--and just by smelling the air, be able to identify the store as great, okay, or not so-great (really we say, "smells like c**p," but that's not so nice to put on a blog, is it?) for finding the deal of the day. And we are, I think, 100% right every time. Correct me if I'm wrong, Kelly--but not in public.

Now before you go saying that anyone can identify what smells like c**p, it's not a literal smell--I don't think. It's just some hard to explain thing we can do. Take for instance our local GW Boutique, it really doesn't smell all that great, and several people I know will not go there because they think it smells like, well, c**p. But Kelly and I find amazing deals there. So, you see, it can't be the literal smell.

I have a few things that I cannot possibly live without. Even when I could not afford chewing gum, I bought fabric softener. I am a smell person--already told you about my amazing talents; therefore, I know that regardless of what something smells like on the rack, I can perform miracles in a matter of minutes with my little blue bottle.

Every outfit below was recently purchased for $10 or less. Now remember, I'm old, so my taste may not be your taste, but a bargain is still a bargain. Occasionally an accessory will push the total up, but not much. Kelly and I have been planning a get-together with some like-minded, bargain-loving friends. Once a month our local GW Boutique (gotta call it that in public when people ask where I got something) has a half-price weekend. The plan is to meet there, find an outfit for under $10--we'll help them since this is supposed to be fun and we're just that way--and then finish with lunch and a fashion show.

I'd also love for some blog world friends to link up to this party with your finds as well. Fabulous Fashion Finds is the theme for now.

jimmy z's shirt, $2 (GW)
skirt, $3 (GW)
starfish necklace, $2.50 (Michael's)

jacket, $3 (GW)
scarf, $1.50 (market)
(clothes still under $10)

jeans, $3 (GW)
Ashley Judd shirt, $2 (GW)

green shirt, lace trim, $2 (GW)
corduroy jacket, $3 (GW)
scarf, handmade, priceless

oh-so-cool bird necklace, $2.50 (Michael's)


edie said...

First of all, I love Mr. Linky's. I'm so happy to see one on someones' blog I know IRL. Second of all, I am for sure going to GW with you. I go there and find doors. I do not find cute outfits. Now I'll be scrambling around trying to find some pics to link with. They may very well be under $20....but probably not 10! How fun.

The Peterson family said...

okay you two chicks-- I want to join the party. I am always up for a good bargain. Those outfits are cute, Denise! I love the "smells like cr**"!!!!
And look at you, Ms.fancy pants with Mr. Linky's.

Kelly said...

I posted! Yup first one on Mr Linky- come on ladies get thrifting!

Tina said...

Those are awesome and very stylish. I love a bargain and those were big ones!!

patty said...

love the outfits, and always, always love a good deal! ;) im gonna go check out what mr. linky is.... sounds... ummm... different. lol!

Kimberlee said...

I think those outfits are fab! I'm always about finding great things at GW - and I have one less than 1/2 mi from me. :) On another note, could you PLEASE tell me what that stitch pattern is for your scarf? I'm a knitter and I'm always looking for different things to try. I love the airiness of it. TIA!

Denise said...

I about laughed my head off when you asked for the *crochet* pattern. I have just taught myself over the holidays and can't say that it really is a legit pattern. I think it might be a double crochet or a triple crochet, but not really sure. I'm really not even sure if I'm sticking the needle through the right place either. *grin* I've adjusted it a bit for the one I'm working on now, but not sure it's a real pattern either--it's even more airy though. Still laughing over this end. Come on over and I'll just have to show you.

Kimberlee said...

LOL! Hey, you never know what will catch someone's eye, right? :) It really is pretty, and if I lived near ya', I'd be there in sec. :D We could laugh over my knitting, too!

I used to crochet when I was a teen, and now I can't seem to get it right. The loops just confuse me! Ha!

myheart4him said...

Love the $10 outfits. Before I went to Blissdom, I challenged myself to MAKE 2 outfits (and jammies) with the materials I had on hand. Not buy anything. The outfits turned out OK (not super great, but defiantely OK). Love your frugailty (even forced frugality can be fun).