Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Now, we should get something straight right off the bat. I am a realist. And that is something that I am very proud of. No sense pretending to be something that you are not, right? That said, I know that I or my offspring never have and never will wow anybody with our science ability. This is one instance where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we do, in fact, look smarter than we are. No use you all shaking your heads at once.

Being a realist works to my advantage during science fair season. See, if I lived in denial, I might actually encourage a child to attempt something beyond family ability which could result in the blowing up of the house or something worse--don't ask me what that something worse might be. This being my fourth child forced/required to do a science fair project leaves me with a certain sense of confidence--no, not in the subject matter, but in the creativity department. If you can't get the judges to notice your project on the merits of content, pull out the big guns or scissors or whatever it takes.

Just as a side note: I really do know what I'm talking about here. One son even made it to the district competition a few years--or decades ago. It really can be won or at least fun if you use a little creativity and have a catchy title.

Tessa's project, called Give Me a Hand, is about hand dominance, and the creative part of it involved surgery--you heard me right, sounds so scientifically impressive! First she got her victims together and then started cutting off--I mean--amputating their arms. In case you're wondering, in the attempt to go green, these dolls were purchased at the GW Boutique where I find all the bargains, remember?

I think she's feeling a bit squeamish in this shot.

The wooden blocks were also bought from GW and added a nice/cheap touch to her sculpture.

Do you think the finished project will get noticed with all those left and right hands? I think we should give her a hand! Applause now, please. Final project photos coming soon--actually, probably, maybe tomorrow since we have another snow day!


patty said...

love it, love it, love it denise! and i also love the tile behind your stove! and the green and black together are beautiful, too!

Tiffy Wiffy said...

I HATED science projects, but this is a really cute idea and project!