Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I met someone new this week in Blog Land. I like her. She's young and smart and interesting and adorable. She apparently has a great family and great friends and a great dog. And bad grammar is like nails on a chalkboard to her (love at first sight here!). And I never would have just happened upon her blog. But as fate would have it in Blog Land, one click led to another and then another and then BINGO or BLOGO, her mother landed on daughter Kelly's blog. This is when it gets funny or amusing or providential? or something worthy of a better adjective than I can come up with at this very minute. I'm tired. Very tired.

Anyway, Kelly posted a picture of her single brother and my son, Michael--who shall remain blogless, on her sidebar several months ago with a little question: Any takers? Believe me, she was not trying to compete with eHarmony or anything. I don't think she even considered the question a serious one--probably just naming the gadget. And then, like I said, BLOGO, somebody's mom found the ad--I mean family photo.

I have always known that people will do things in Blog Land that they would never do in real flesh and blood life. I'm fairly certain that someone new's mother would never have approached a complete stranger on behalf of her single daughter because she thought that said stranger's brother had kind eyes. Got to love Blog Land when you're not hating it.

Someone new's mother shot off an email that she instantly regretted because she is afterall, not creepy or strange or crazy--in the not-so-good way. She's just a mom who loves her daughter and wants that special *someone* out there to find her and love her as well. She's a mom who has tended to a broken heart and continues to pray for its healing--I know this because I've spent way too many hours on someone new's blog. She's just naturally in tune, watching and waiting for God to answer her prayers for that soul mate for her child. I'm sure of it. I am also that mom who longs for that someone to connect with my son with the kind eyes. I want someone to see the Michael I see--to know the Michael I know. And I'm not creepy or strange or crazy--in the not-so-good way.

I have no idea if someone new will even give Michael a second look. I don't know if her mom has even mentioned the kind-eyed guy in the stranger's sidebar. I don't know if she will think he has kind eyes--he does, by the way, and they are very blue. I don't know if Michael will give someone new a second click. I hope he does. It would make a great blog post, wouldn't it? Regardless, I've enjoyed getting to know Laura and her mom. I have prayed for them both. I feel a connection with them--we have things in common. I am resisting the urge to think too much into that.

Age: 28
References upon request. *grin*


Kelly said...

Oh brother! ;)

Tiffy Wiffy said...

Lord knows if I weren't married.... :-p

edie said...

Very kind eyes indeed. And now I'm off to meet 'someone' new too...cause if you love her, I'm sure I will.

mtomlinson said...

Oh, wow! Now the whole blogging world knows about me! What can I say? I'm truly NOT a psycho mom, but something about those eyes made me dare to send the e-mail! Now, after reading your blog, I really feel that you and I would be great friends! We have a lot in common, and we LOVE our children and grandchildren dearly, right? Who knows what will come from all of this? Certainly not I! But, it has been interesting, to say the least.

mtomlinson said...

And, no, I haven't said anything to my daughter about my e-mail! Yikes! I guess maybe I should, right????

LT (and Max) said...

wow. i must say i'm flattered that you would say such nice things about me--someone you don't even know! :)
glad we can be blog friends. :)also glad you and my mom have been able to "connect"...she's quite an amazing person!

Renee said...

hee hee, wildly crazy blog post there Denise. You must be his wonderful, loving, dear mother?? Yes? LOL Tell him one daughter says he's a hottie, but ya know, she is taken. :-)

Melissa said...

does he like 23 years olds?