Thursday, March 19, 2009


Day three at Cornerstone was again action-packed and interesting. We had our first fire drill which went quite well. The building was emptied in just over a minute and I did NOT have to mess with any valves or do-hickies. I did have to enter the boys' bathroom and yell, "Is anybody in here." No answer was music to my ears.

The Biography Fair is tomorrow and the students and teachers are busy preparing. There will be a parade of characters, display viewing, and speeches by some pretty famous folks. (sneak peek below!) It will be exciting!

Anyway, Annie Oakley, from the first grade, brought in this really cool game to show off her shooting skills. Y'all know she is famous for her outstanding sharpshooting abilities. Not to be outdone, Headmaster Extraordinaire showed us his stuff. Yep, it was pretty impressive.

Notice the concentration. You'd think he was trying to bring home dinner to the starvin' family or that he had a chance to win some overstuffed tiger for his girls.

Admittedly, his shot was perty good compared to his fancy spins.

Feeling confident, he brought in the competition. Concentration nor the sucking in of lip really helped Dr. D.

The wink did not help the coach.

Surely, the game must need to be fixed. Cletus--I mean Tim--brought in the truly big guns--a power screwdriver to change the batteries. It didn't help.

Kindergartners were doing their share of concentrating as well! I love Conrad's face!

Biography Fair characters--and I mean characters competed for the coveted Friday spot in front of the entire student body as well as parents and other visitors! More to come tomorrow!


patty said...

hi denise! it looks like fun and the school is beautiful! good luck in your new "home"!! :)
have a good weekend!

patty said...

drove by your place today... it's so beautiful, all creamy with your yard blossoming full of color!