Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been to IKEA in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, and now North Carolina! I love that place. It is an organizer's dream. I like to think of myself as an organizer. Yes, there are years that I've been better at organizing than others--and this is not one of them--but nonetheless, I am still one.

This trip was actually business-related. I joined two board members from school on a shopping trip for the new school facility. Four hours there--plus five hours shopping--plus one hour for dinner--plus four hours back--adds up to a very long day. And don't forget the hour we lost because of the time change. I don't think I've caught up yet! My shopping buddies are a lot younger than I. What was I thinking?

We went for cubbies for some of the classrooms, and they met with Julie's approval. Evi is from Switzerland and a long-time fan of IKEA, and you already know my opinion about the place. It was Julie's first visit, and she's pretty particular, so approval was good.

We actually found plenty that met with our approval.

We needed help--lots of help!

Evi considered letting the mountain breeze blow through her hair on the way home, but decided against it.Julie was a bit cozy on the way home, but didn't complain at all!

New school facility photos coming soon!


Anonymous said...

O.k...so I've earned a reputation for being "particular"...I am not THAT hard to please!
Just so that it isn't damaged,is centered correctly,and not misspelled...sounds like someone else I know:)!
(did I mention that all the colors should match or at least coordinate?)

julie said...

That first comment was from me (Julie)...I accidentally clicked on anonymous! (I am trying to salvage my reputation.)

Renee said...

Isn't this just what IKEA is all about? Loading up buggies, and then flat beds FULL of stuff, because nothing there is irresistible! Bet ya can't come out with just one thing!!! I've tried, doesn't work...ever! LOL Good thing my local store is over an hour away, but heh, that's still so close. How long has it been since I went there? Hmmmmm, maybe time to revisit. Oh my. LOL