Sunday, March 01, 2009


As always, I had a long list of things to accomplish this weekend. And believe it or not, I managed to cross more off my list than I ever thought possible. Some weekends just seem longer than others. Perhaps the fact that I never left the house on Saturday helped.
Shopped at half-price sale at Goodwill.
Bought spring shirts for $1.50 each.

Found my under $10 outfit!

Went back to work (until 7 p.m.)
Turned down invite to theater.
Turned down invite to shopping.
Had dinner with friend.
Emailed a new friend.

Recovered from speaking at PEP Moms.
Recovered from speaking at parent's meeting.
Emailed some thank you notes.
Started basketball slide show for school.

Taught Tessa how to cut out a pattern.

Found a book I had misplaced.

Did lots of laundry.
Changed sheets on two beds.
Caught up on uniform ironing.

Made potato soup.

Found a way to annoy my anonymous commenter
by finding a place for a black and white rug from last
week's shopping trip. I also wanted to give Edie a
laugh--because it's animal print. I don't do animal
print. But it was only $7.48. More annoying later.

Brainstormed with Tessa about biography fair.
Finished book I was reading.

Started another.
Finished basketball slide show. Awesome.

Visited Blog Land

Put away the Christmas decorations on my dresser.

Scrubbed the make-up off my vanity.

Noticed daffodils on my walk to church.

Bumped into these two on my walk to church.

Attended church.

Had lunch with my ketchup-loving son.

Went grocery shopping with same son.
Did not buy anything with hydrogenated oil.

Laughed my head off at son trying to self-check out.
Still laughing actually.
That machine did not like him one bit.

Taught Tessa how to iron a bed skirt.

Tried out her new BLACK and WHITE comforter.
No nasty comments, please!

Visited Blog Land again.
Left comments.
Talked about biography fair and Abigail Adams again.
Paid bills.

Finished this post with two hours to spare.


The BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Nice goin' on the productive weekend! I was productive, too, but I don't have a cute $10 outfit to show for it! : (

Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

Don't ya love Goodwill?! I've been picking up spring clothes for my kids, so when the weather warms up, I'll be ready!

Our Goodwill has a 50% off day the first Saturday of every month. If yours does too, it's a great time to go!

Kelly said...

You did all that? Your days must be longer than mine!

edie said...

I want that day. Sometimes I have 'that' day but a lot of times I feel like I'm swirlin' around in a mess of laundry, books, groceries, and children. Love ya and love the black and white stuff!

leigh ann said...

You did get lots done! We had a lazy weekend and it was nice...but that just means more work during the week, right? Love your goodwill finds!

Melanie Dorsey said...

Great outfit for under $10.
Makes me want to hunt for one, too.

Renee said...

GREAT post!!! Wow, what a lot of photos! See you can do it Denise...LOL Loved your shopping booty and I *AM* coming shopping with you whenever I get down there for sure! Such deals. Loved Tessa's new bedspread, goes perfectly. Love your new header, fancy blog lady works, where did you get the time to do all of that revamping? You must've found more hours in your day huh? LOL Just think after daylight savings this weekend, more daylight to do more, right? Oh, I'm on twitter too, gonna follow ya babe! Love ya right back!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Found you in a round about way, and have spent a lot of time here this AM. I will have to add you to my list of Favs. Your goodwill finds are great! They definitely must have better GW's in Tennessee that GA, and love your auction deals. Jackie

Tiffy Wiffy said...

wow. you're a busy lady. I wish I could get as much done..