Sunday, March 29, 2009


The problem with going away for spring break is that you don't really catch up on anything before going back to work or school. You don't even catch up on sleep. I wish I had time to post a bunch of photos that showed us having a grand time accompanied with some witty words about life lessons learned along the way--both will require more brain power than I have left at this point.
I will at least post some beach photos that look a lot like the ones that were taken the last time we were at the beach (notice the sweatshirts and the wind blown hair). I think it must be me. If you want perfect weather, don't go the week I choose--that's all I'll say.

Notice how we managed to find the beach less traveled?

It was just us and the alligators!View of the shuttle launch pad
at Kennedy Space Center


mtomlinson said...

Welcome back! I know you enjoyed your trip; windy weather and all! How awesome that you got to witness the shuttle launch. My husband's first cousin works there; actually invovled somehow in the launch, although it's all too technical for me to know exactly what he does!

Hopefully you are recharged and ready to return to the working world.

leigh ann said...

At least their were no crowds, right? It's no fun going to the beach and fighting for a spot to put your chair. Have a great day!!!