Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wow! Since setting up my vacation home in Blog Land, I've been invited to so many events! Of course, I couldn't possibly attend them all--just like sleep too much. Today I will participate in a carnival at Musings of a Housewife. Why? you might ask. Because I don't have to get dressed up or rearrange a room or heat up my glue gun. I can just reminisce and use bullet points. That's neat and easy.

I'm supposed to write about things I learned this week. Well, with a move to a new school facility in the works, I've learned plenty.
  • How to turn off the fire alarm system in the new school after someone else had the fun of setting off smoke bombs in the air vents--on purpose for training. The photos below were actually taken in the smoke after I ignored the lady telling us to vacate the building.
This is Ken. He knows a lot about things--
like fire alarms and breathing in smoke
and working intercoms and piping in music.
He's pretty smart and nice, too.

  • That the 21 heating and air conditioning units in the new school are communicated to through a computer which is now probably my responsibility to figure out. I did sit through the hour training after all--on one of those little chairs.
  • That standing next to heavy equipment on a construction site might land you in the mud. Sorry, no great photo for this one.

  • That parking where you're not supposed to in Alabama gets you a ticket and towed.
  • That towing in Alabama costs $178. Who knew? Not my darling son who cannot read signs after being up 37 hours. At least he knows how to cook.

  • That taking down Christmas decorations in March is no more fun than in January.
  • That one person's idea of weeding is not the same as another.
My husband thought he'd do me a favor and send some of his workers over to weed my flower gardens. Can I just say that I cried when I saw the thorough job they did. I have been planting perennials for five years. They are all gone--as is all the decent dirt. I can't even talk about my loss. At least they left the three bunches of daffodils. I can only hope they both caught poison ivy.
I'm sorry; it's how I feel.

  • That even when change is good, it's hard. Oh, I've learned this before.


leigh ann said...

Oh yikes about the weeding...I hope your weekend was good though! Great post!

Renee said...

The school looks great! Things like a new building should be more trouble free, but heh, even here, water running down my garage inside wall last week was something else. I had to get a small book rolling just to remember everything because even I can't believe all the rumblings we've encountered. Gosh, I hope you can settle into one of those little chairs soon and just smile being there, rather than be on alert while rolling in the mud. LOL And the weeding job. Isn't spring supposed to be all about new beginnings? Oh my! I can feel your anxiety all the way up here and have no plants at this house to offer you as replacements. sorry... :-(

edie said...

I am so excited about the move to the new school. The girls and I will have to come visit!

Anonymous said...

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