Monday, April 06, 2009


This year at CA, grades first through eighth participated in a biography fair. Each student was required to read a biography about a person of his or her choice and then get up in front of his or her classmates and give a speech from memory or with the use of index cards. I really did not want the students to *read* their speeches. I know that they are able to memorize oodles of stuff, and they now know it as well! I'm not sure that all teachers required dressing as the character, but almost 100 percent did so. It was very cool.

Tessa chose to be Abigail Adams and was very interested in learning how to sew in order to make a spiffy costume. It went surprisingly well and the dress came out lovely. I am so thankful that I have been able to teach my daughters to sew. It is a skill that they will always use. Now cooking is another story. :)

Tessa and some classmates after their speeches

eighth graders--scary, I know

When the day of the big event arrived, parents gathered outside for the *parade* around the building. One nice thing about the school is that Christian music is played constantly throughout the hallways and on the outside of the building. For the parade, we played Onward Christian Soldiers, and it was blaring.

Ben Franklin accompanied Abigail

After the parade, everyone met inside to visit the classrooms before hearing from some the characters.
Hannah as Betsy Ross

Ross as Lou Gehrig

Seth as Daniel Boone

Morgan as Rosa Parks

Izzy as Walt Disney
Seth as King Tut
Andrew as Christopher Columbus

Waiting for their turn to speak

Andrew as Samuel Morse
(That's a speaker behind his head not a hat--although he loves hats!)

Most people started their speech with "Hello, my name is famous person." Well, Ashley Anna had everyone laughing when she said, "Hello, my name is Ashley Anna." Oops!

Ashley Anna as Clara Barton

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Is Eight Enough? said...

Tessa, what a beautiful sewing job!!! Cassidy is about to begin sewing also, as soon as I get my new sewing machine. You inspired me when you began doing embroidery on your machine. :o)